Monday, May 4, 2015

All of our LTC and disability are all handled by my husband's office

"All of our LTC and disability, are all handled by my husband's office."   Let me explain. 

I recently reached out to a new insurance agency.  New in a sense.  They have another P&C agency one town over and recently purchased this agency.   She is an independent agent and her husband is a captive agent.  I briefly described how we partner with other groups and thought a meeting to go into more depth would be appropriate.  I know we can help them.  They may not come to that conclusion and that's ok.  Companies have a certain way they do business and breaking away from that with different ideas can make your calves tighten up.  We aren't a good fit for everybody.  We try to work with people and companies that are like-minded, think with reason and logic, and always do their best work for their clients.  Developing and Maintaining Partnerships

I get at least one phone a day from a wholesaler asking for a meeting.  It can be a little much.  If nothing else I am going to learn something if I take the meeting either about market conditions or a innovative new strategy.

Someone in the same area calling to exchange ideas is a bad thing?  The first response was "I have to run it by my husband."  Great, bring him along.  We may be able to help him as well.  A follow up email included "All of our LTC and disability, are all handled by my husband's office."  No conflict there.  I'm sure all of your clients would be happy to know their local P&C independent agent is sending any of those needs to someone who is captive.  I've heard some dandies before but, that is a first.