Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Facts of Life Insurance - Quoting the Best Rate

We've all been in competitive situations.  Many times they can be stressful.  You want to put your best foot forward.  When interacting with a client it behooves everybody involved if you are open and realistic.

We often see agents quoting insurance rates to clients in a bait and switch type tactic.  They will quote the very best rate in a competitive situation to try and win the business.  They either quote the top rate in an effort to undercut another agent even when they know a client won't qualify for that or even worse they don't even ask the right questions to qualify the client.  Are You Asking The Right Questions

By asking the right questions and having a good knowledge base around underwriting you can give a client a more realistic view of what to expect.  The client will understand that most carriers have between 8 and 12 different health ratings and where they may slot in.  They might receive a preferred rating but, they could receive a level 4 or 5.  They aren't going to shop around for a cheaper quote if you are asking the right questions and finding the quote that makes sense.

Enjoy our video....