Tuesday, August 23, 2016

90% of People Have The Wrong Life Insurance

If you bought it from someone who works for an insurance company, you are paying 20%-60% too much. It may even be in danger of lapsing, and no one is telling you! It isn’t your fault and you aren’t alone.  This is an industry wide problem.
Let’s Start With the Facts
Only around 60% of households have life insurance. Only around 40% have individual life insurance. Among those people who do have life insurance, 40% don’t think they have enough. If you are one of those who has the right amount of individual coverage, Well Done!

Why aren't people buying the right coverage?  
They don’t have a good independent agent to consult with. Over 80% of consumers say they don’t purchase more life insurance because they think it costs too much.  When asked what price they think it is, they estimate triple the actual cost. Thinking it’s out of budget, they don’t even shop it to see. Others think Life Insurance is complicated and they won’t be able to understand it enough to buy it.  They have a point.
Among Americans surveyed about buying life insurance, understanding what they’re buying ranks as the number one concern. Price ranks 3rd.  Why is it so hard to understand?
Some people who want to buy do not think they can qualify. Many have tried through the mail and other sources with no luck.

I’m One of the Ones Who Does Have The Right Life Insurance.
That’s great, but where did you get it? If you bought it across the kitchen table from someone, you’re probably paying double.  
Did you buy you life insurance policy as an investment, or for college planning? Some agents manipulate the commission on these to get paid more, making the policy underperform its potential!
You might be one of the people who bought something you do not understand. The agent might not have understood it either! Many or even most agents who are really good at selling are bad at designing the the right kind of insurance. Others, like some Home and Auto agents only do it because they have to in order to validate their carrier contracts.

We can help.
A 20 minute phone call could save you hundreds or thousands per year.
No Obligation!  If you would rather not work with us, that’s OK!  We will still tell you how to fix your life insurance.  That’s how much we care about this.