Thursday, September 15, 2016

Don’t Be Like Chester Copperpot

Don’t Be Like Chester Copperpot

Who the hell is Chester Copperpot?  Come on.  You’ve seen “The Goonies” if you were watching HBO back in the 80’s when this was the intro to all the prime time movies they played…
And shame on you if you have not seen “The Goonies.”  Rent it on Amazon.  Watch it with your kids, for Heaven’s sake.  Watch it again if it’s been a while.


Chester Copperpot preceded Goonies in the hunt for One Eyed Willie’s treasure.  He was motivated and confident.  He had some knowledge, skill and experience.  He generally knew where the treasure was.  He also had a tool (Copper Bones, which was the skull shaped key).  He was crushed in a booby trap, but even if he had made it further, he wouldn’t have gotten the treasure.  Remember the musical notes on the back of the treasure map that he didn’t have?  

The mistake Chester Copperpot made is that he overestimated the amount of knowledge he had, or he underestimated the amount of knowledge it would take to get the rich stuff.

Too many people are satisfied with the tired old sales practices of the past. They make lazy excuses for not getting sales made or blame it on some numbers rule that someone else told you.  Here’s the numbers rule I learned at my first job in life insurance.  I was told that I had to speak with 10 people to set 3 meetings to make 1 sale.  Today I know that talking to 10 people to make 1 sale would be an epic failure.

Have you ever lost a sale or didn’t make something happen that you wanted to happen and you didn’t know why?  I can tell you the reason.  About 95% of the time it’s because you didn’t have the knowledge and the tools you needed.  The question you should always ask after a disappointment is “Could anyone have done it?”  I am talking about the best person in the world or even someone with a few months more experience than you.  If the answer is yes, then it’s your fault and you need to fix it. When Is Your Best Really Your Best?

Things move really fast now.  Technology and trends move lightning fast.  People get information differently now than ever before.  This means that consumers buy differently now, but sales training has not kept pace.  If the sale is the treasure, then you have to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to get it.  Don’t be like Chester Copperpot.  Spend time learning, get the rich stuff and then do the truffle shuffle.