Friday, September 2, 2016

Selling to People Who Don't Like You

Selling to People Who Don’t Like You

So you think you could never have a job in sales because you feel like the customer will not like you.  You have a point.  I hate salespeople too.  They won’t leave you alone when you’re just looking.  They ask you stupid questions that you know they already have the answers to.  They lie, they brag, they drive BMW’s and they won’t stop talking about their stupid overpriced product that you don’t need.  

I can tell you that you do not have to subjugate your own personality to “act” like a salesman.  Selling is easy and it can be learned.  Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Sell what you believe in.  What turns most scrupulous people off from selling is being forced to sell something they don’t believe in.  Even as a teenager, working as a waiter, it was much easier serving people my favorites from the menu.  It was also easy to tell customers to avoid the well aged chicken salmonella salad.
  2. Forget the product, focus on the need.  Some people can understand the merit of an object, but only as it relates to what it means to their own life.  People don’t choose a dishwasher because 200 degrees is the proper water temperature to sanitize dishes and because it matches the fridge and makes the color of the counter tops pop.  They buy dishwashers because dishwashers save time.  That’s time that can be used for playing with the kids or watching more Netflix.  
  3. Listen.  Don’t just pretend to listen.  You need to actually absorb what the client is saying.  And NEVER interrupt.  Ask good open ended questions.  Sprinkle in some questions that are off topic too…. “What do you like to do for fun?”
  4. Pull back the curtain.  Educate your clients.  Tell them what the “salesmen” are afraid to tell.  Tell them how the company profits, tell them how commissions are paid.  Explain why the price is what it is.
  5. Make it your own.  Scripts are for Indian tech support and people with no personality.  Talk to people they way you normally talk.  The client can tell that it’s the real you.  

If done properly, you won’t lose any friends because you’re trying to sell them something.  Actually, you should be making new friends as you go.  People can tell when you’re being sincere.  If someone decides they don’t like you because you try to sell them something, you shouldn’t waste concern on what that person thinks.

Justin Stainback